Real Talk

Real Talk – Giving the Glory to God

I wanted to pick a tagline that would be the theme of this blog. I began thinking about one of the most fundamental ways to ensure that a person of faith is moving in the right direction. And then it came to me: make sure that you are “Giving the Glory to God!”

In daily life, it is easy to attribute things to ourselves. Whether it’s creating a website, or maybe it’s a job promotion, or even riding a bicycle 🚲 without training wheels. But the following are only two of the many examples found in Scripture of why we should be giving the glory to God:

God created the heaven and the earth (Genesis 1:1—2:3). Take a moment to think about that. God is our Creator. He created the universe and everything in it, and He made us in His image as reflections of His glory.

God is worthy to receive the glory for creating all things (Revelation 4:11). In my opinion, the entire Chapter 4 of Revelation emphasizes the sovereignty of who God is in our lives.

Giving the Glory to God

Image by Matt McChlery via Freely Photos

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